Membership Services
Chair: Homan Mostafavi, DO, MBA
Purpose: To foster the growth of AOMA membership, retain current members, and develop services and activities which will serve to enhance the professional growth of osteopathic physicians.

Legislative Affairs
Chair: Kit McCalla, DO, MBA
Purpose: To review pending legislation which impacts practicing physicians and make specific recommendations as to whether such legislation should be supported, opposed, or studied.

Political Action Committee
Chair: Richard Dobrusin, DO, MS (Ost), FACOFP
Purpose: To provide endorsement and support for those candidates for state public office who share AOMA’s concern about the future of healthcare and improved access to quality care in Arizona.
Professional Education
 Lori Kemper, DO, MS, FACOFP
Purpose: To determine the educational content of Continuing Medical Education (CME) programs, based on the needs of members and attendees, using assessment tools to identify their areas of interest.

Public Awareness
Chair: Angela DeRosa, DO, MBA, CPE
Purpose: To develop strategies to enhance the image and presence of the osteopathic medical profession.

Call the AOMA Office at 602-266-6699 or email if you are interested in joining a committee.