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Call for Volunteers – Join an AOMA Committee

Are you passionate about the osteopathic profession and eager to contribute to its growth and success in Arizona? The Arizona Osteopathic Medical Association (AOMA) invites you to become a vital part of our association. We are seeking dedicated volunteers to join a committee and help us achieve our goals and make a meaningful impact on healthcare in Arizona!

Consider joining one or more of the following Committees. Please read the goals, activities, and time commitment as you consider volunteering!

    1. Membership, Marketing and Communications Committee
    2. Professional Education Committee
    3. Investment and Financial Oversight Committee
    4. Legislative Affairs Committee
    5. Awards Committee

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer for the AOMA Committee, please click “volunteer now” and fill out the form. We ask for your name, contact information, and an optional brief statement of your interest. You do NOT need any special experience to join a committee.

We look forward to welcoming passionate individuals who are dedicated to advancing the osteopathic profession in Arizona. Your contribution can make a significant impact. Join us today and be a part of the future of osteopathic medicine in Arizona!

Membership, Marketing, and Communications Committee


    1. Advocate Osteopathic Philosophy: Assist in adopting AOMA HOD resolutions on Osteopathic philosophy as the roots of the profession and transmit them to AOA HOD for consideration.
    2. AOMA Champion Network: Develop a network of local DOs who will advocate for AOMA, serve as a link between distinct populations of DOs, and promote the osteopathic profession.
    3. Member and Non-Member Survey: Contribute to the composition of a survey for members and non-members to identify their needs, priorities, and interests.
    4. Effective Communication: Assist in communicating widely to AZ DOs, with a special focus on non-members, to highlight AOMA’s role and value in the profession.
    5. Membership Drive: Collaborate to establish a clear, organized, participatory, and sustained membership drive with specific annual goals.
    6. Outreach: Help create a calendar of presentations to hospital departments of medicine, CEOs, residencies, highlighting osteopathic identity and the unique role of AOMA.
    7. Group Membership Plans: Contribute to the creation of “group” membership plans for hospitals, large outpatient networks, and specialty practices at discounted rates.
    8. Digital Presence Analysis: Assist in reviewing the usage and impact of AOMA’s webpage and social media on membership and revenue.
    9. Engaging Medical Students and Residents: Support in surveying medical students and residents to understand their needs and preferences.

How You Can Contribute to the Membership, Marketing, and Communications Committee:

    • Share your expertise and insights to help shape the future of the osteopathic profession in Arizona.
    • Collaborate with a diverse team of professionals and make a difference in the healthcare community.
    • Help us define and protect the profession through communication, and outreach.
    • Support the growth and success of AOMA through creative and innovative ideas.

Typical Volunteer Activity: 

    • Contacting your colleagues to encourage them to join AOMA.
    • Contacting your fellow members to remind them to renew.
    • Draft articles for the AOMA Dispatch newsletter.

Meeting Frequency

The Membership, Marketing, and Communications Committee will meet once per month.

Professional Education Committee


    1. High-Quality Programs: Help us maintain and improve the quality of educational programs offered at our annual conferences.
    2. Innovative Learning Techniques: Collaborate to explore the feasibility of bite-size learning techniques, “TED talks,” and other innovative sessions to enhance medical education.

How You Can Contribute to the Professional Education Committee:

    • Contribute to the development of high-quality educational programs that benefit healthcare professionals.
    • Help us explore innovative teaching methods to make learning more engaging and effective.
    • Share your expertise to improve the overall educational experience.

Typical Volunteer Activity:

    • Submit CME program/speaker ideas for the Annual Convention, Fall Seminar, webinars, and other AOMA events.
    • Provide CME sessions at conferences or webinars.

Meeting Frequency:

The Professional Education Committee will meet bi-monthly.

Investment and Financial Oversight Committee


    1. Asset Monitoring and Investment Strategies: Collaborate to establish a formal process for asset monitoring and investment strategies to secure AOMA’s financial future.
    2. Annual Budget Development: Contribute to the development and monitoring of the annual budget, ensuring financial stability and responsible allocation of resources.

How You Can Contribute to the Investment and Financial Oversight Committee:

  • Use your financial acumen to help AOMA establish a robust framework for asset monitoring and investment strategies.
  • Work with a dedicated team to develop and oversee the annual budget, ensuring financial prudence.

    Meeting Frequency

    The Investment and Financial Oversight Committee will meet quarterly.

    Legislative Affairs Committee

    An important function of the AOMA is advocating on behalf of the osteopathic medical profession. AOMA strives to be the first and best option for policymakers seeking honest, trustworthy, dependable, and objective information, with the goal of making sure that whether a policymaker makes a good or a bad decision, it is always an informed decision. 


      1. GME Expansion: Help us establish a clear leadership role in the widespread effort to expand Graduate Medical Education (GME) and address physician shortages.
      2. Scope of Practice Legislation: Contribute to defining “Scope of Practice” legislation that supports the need to increase the number of physicians in the state.
      3. Protect the Patient-Doctor Relationship: Work to safeguard the integrity of the patient-doctor relationship from outside interference.
      4. Rapid Advocacy Response Network: Collaborate to develop an Emeriti-led Rapid Advocacy Response network, maximizing real-time advocacy through emails and legislative initiatives.

    How You Can Contribute to the Legislative Affairs Committee:

      • Advocate for policies that benefit the osteopathic profession and healthcare in Arizona.
      • Influence legislative decisions and expand GME to address physician shortages.
      • Protect the sacred patient-doctor relationship and advance the interests of healthcare providers.

    Typical Volunteer Activities:

      • Contact state legislators on behalf of the osteophatic profession.
      • Participate in DO Day at the Legislature (February).
      • Encourage your osteopathic colleagues and fellow AOMA member to donate to AOMA Political Action Committee.

    Meeting Frequency:

    The Legislative Affairs Committee will meet monthly and PRN.

    Awards Committee


      1. Recognize Excellence: Contribute to the identification of non-members who are worthy of an award or special recognition and provide them with a one-year complimentary “honoree” membership in AOMA.

    How You Can Contribute to the Awards Committee:

      • Play a pivotal role in identifying exceptional individuals deserving of recognition.
      • Help us celebrate their contributions to the healthcare field and welcome them into the AOMA community with a complimentary membership.

    Tpical Vollunteer Activities: 

    Meeting Frequency:

    The Awards Committee will meet two to three times per year (usually prior to the Annual Convention).

    Other Opportunities

    Arizona Osteopathic Charities

    Arizona Osteopathic Charities is a 501(c) 3 non-profit charitable organization. Its mission is to educate and promote safe and healthy living for children, students, and families. The Charities provides financial support for three worthwhile causes including Stepping Stones of Hope, Team of Physicians for Students (TOPS), DOCARE International and MGY Capacidad.

    The Charities underwrites an annual scholarship essay competition offering monetary prizes to the winners. Two scholarships are awarded each year to osteopathic medical students. Scholarships are awarded to one student at both the Arizona College of Osteopathic Medicine (AZCOM) in Glendale and the School of Osteopathic Medicine in Arizona (SOMA) in Mesa. To be considered, students are required to write an essay. The Arizona Osteopathic Charities Board of Directors judges the entries and selects the winners.

    Get Involved in AOC! 


    Physicians and students can get involved in the AOMA governance through participation and attendance at the House of Delegates, Board of Trustees, and District meetings. 

    • Responsible for the management and success of AOMA
    • Comprised of five executive officers: President, Immediate Past President, President Elect, Vice President, and Secretary/Treasurer
    • Officer candidates are selected by the AOMA Nominating Committee and are elected by the AOMA House of Delegates at the Annual Convention
    • Meets monthly, usually via teleconference
    • Transacts the business of the AOMA led by the Executive Committee
    • one seat per District plus up to seven Members at Large
    • Trustees are elected by the Districts
    • Terms begin June of each year
    • Meets four times per year
    • The legislative and governing body of the AOMA
    • Represents the membership in Association affairs
    • Delegates are elected by the Districts
    • AOMA Bylaws allow for one student delegate and one student alternate to be elected to the House of Delegates from each Arizona college of osteopathic medicine, with voice and vote
    • Meets twice a year – at the Annual Convention and the Fall Seminar
    • Seven regional districts, organized by zip code
    • Elects the representatives to the House of Delegates and the Board of Trustees
    • Discusses issues pertinent to the osteopathic medical profession and the AOMA

    Let us know if you are interested in becoming a member of the Board of Trustees or House of Delegates.