Get Involved!

One of the best ways to get the most out of your membership with the AOMA is by getting involved in leadership opportunities and participating in one of many membership activities throughout the year.

Attending one of the AOMA continuing medical education event, serving on a Committee, or representing your peers on the Board of Trustees or the House of Delegates are excellent ways to get involved. 

For more information or to take part in any of these opportunities, please contact AOMA at or 602-266-6699.


Get involved with AOMA! Email us at


An important function of the AOMA is advocating on behalf of the osteopathic medical profession. AOMA provides various opportunities to get involved in political advocacy. The AOMA strives to be the first and best option for policymakers seeking honest, trustworthy, dependable, and objective information, with the goal of making sure that whether a policymaker makes a good or a bad decision, it is always an informed decision. 

Reviews pending legislation which may impact the profession and makes recommendations whether to support or oppose proposed legislation. The Committee implements effective strategies to educate and engage legislators and AOMA members to ensure advocacy efforts are successful.

Working closely with A.T. Still University and Midwestern University faculty and student leaders, the AOMA provides opportunities for students to get involved with the Legislative Affairs Committee and help protect their future osteopathic profession.

Contributions made through the PAC allow AOMA to endorse and support candidates for state public office who share our concern for the future of high quality, cost effective healthcare. All AOMA members are eligible to make a voluntary contribution to the PAC.

The AOMA offers advocacy support and assistance for speaking with legislators, understanding the legislative process, and tracking legislation. The AOMA is available to provide training to help members understand the legislative process and become effective advocates for the profession.


Physicians and students can get involved in the AOMA governance through participation and attendance at the House of Delegates, Board of Trustees, and District meetings. 

  • Responsible for the management and success of AOMA

  • Comprised of five executive officers: President, Immediate Past President, President Elect, Vice President, and Secretary/Treasurer

  • Officer candidates are selected by the AOMA Nominating Committee and are elected by the AOMA House of Delegates at the Annual Convention

  • Meets monthly, usually via teleconference

  • Transacts the business of the AOMA led by the Executive Committee

  • one seat per District plus up to seven Members at Large

  • Trustees are elected by the Districts

  • Terms begin June of each year

  • Meets four times per year

  • The legislative and governing body of the AOMA

  • Represents the membership in Association affairs

  • Delegates are elected by the Districts

  • AOMA Bylaws allow for one student delegate and one student alternate to be elected to the House of Delegates from each Arizona college of osteopathic medicine, with voice and vote

  • Meets twice a year – at the Annual Convention and the Fall Seminar

  • Seven regional districts, organized by zip code

  • Elects the representatives to the House of Delegates and the Board of Trustees

  • Discusses issues pertinent to the osteopathic medical profession and the AOMA


Through committee involvement, many future AOMA executive officers and trustees emerge to become leaders in the osteopathic medical profession in Arizona and nationally.

Participating on a committee is a minimal time commitment. Most of the committees meet four times a year and meetings are scheduled outside of regular work hours, usually lasting no more than an hour. Teleconferencing is available for all of the meetings. 

Legislative Affairs Committee

Responsible for developing, analyzing, and influencing healthcare legislation and taking the lead on advocacy efforts to protect and promote osteopathic medicine on behalf of physicians and students.

Membership Services Committee

Works to further the growth of AOMA membership, retain current members, and develop services and activities which will serve to enhance the professional growth of osteopathic physicians and students. The Committee also explores new areas of professional development and stays in close contact with Arizona students by disseminating information concerning AOMA.

Payor Relations Commitee

Advocates for equality and fairness with third-party payers on issues regarding physician guidelines, quality initiatives, plan regulations and patient safety, and educates members on third-party reimbursement.

Professional Education Committee

Determines the educational offerings of Continuing Medical Education (CME) for the Annual Convention, Fall Seminar and other programs, based on the needs of members and attendees, using assessment tools to identify their areas of interest.

Public Awareness Committee

Develops strategies to enhance the image and presence of the osteopathic medical profession. The Committee works to promote osteopathic medicine through media relations, networking, and community engagement.

New Physicians Committee

Educates new physicians on practice management, trends and changes in healthcare delivery, provides networking/collegiality, and sharing of ideas to introduce new physicians to the association and identify future leaders.

Arizona Osteopathic Charities

Arizona Osteopathic Charities is a 501(c) 3 non-profit charitable organization. Its mission is to educate and promote safe and healthy living for children, students, and families. The Charities provides financial support for three worthwhile causes including Stepping Stones of Hope, Team of Physicians for Students (TOPS), DOCARE International and MGY Capacidad.

The Charities underwrites an annual scholarship essay competition offering monetary prizes to the winners. Two scholarships are awarded each year to osteopathic medical students. Scholarships are awarded to one student at both the Arizona College of Osteopathic Medicine (AZCOM) in Glendale and the School of Osteopathic Medicine in Arizona (SOMA) in Mesa. To be considered, students are required to write an essay. The Arizona Osteopathic Charities Board of Directors judges the entries and selects the winners.

Get involved with AOMA! Email us at