Member Recruitment Program

Member Recruitment Program

Recruit a new AOMA member and you will both receive a $100 credit toward membership dues or Continuing Medical Education (CME) fees!

As a member, you understand the value of AOMA’s membership. Share that knowledge firsthand with your colleagues in the medical field. A growing and healthy AOMA means greater recognition for the profession, more resources to support member programs, more representation with healthcare leaders, and a stronger voice when advocating issues with state and national legislative members.

Get Your Credit

After speaking with a prospective member, download this fillable form or email with your name, contact information, and the name and contact information of the prospective member. This must be submitted prior to AOMA recruitment process in order to be eligible to receive the $100 credit. AOMA will confirm receipt and approval/non-approval.


  • Only AOMA members in good standing are eligible to participate in the recruitment program.

  • AOMA membership qualification rules apply to incoming prospective members.

  • The member recruitment program is designed to recruit “new” members only. Someone who has never been a member or has not been an AOMA member for three (3) consecutive years is eligible to be recruited as a “new” member recruitment program is designed to recruit “active” members only and does not apply to recruitment of “out-of-state” or “retired” members.

  • All required forms: Annual dues payments must be received from the new member in order for the current member to be eligible for the credit.

  • The AOMA $100 credit is applied to the Recruiting Member and New Member‘s account only after a prospective new member becomes an approved AOMA member.

  • Members may recruit multiple eligible prospective members.

  • In the event that more than one membership recruitment form is submitted for the same prospective member, only the first member to submit the form will be eligible to receive the $100 credit. AOMA retains the right to determine which form was received first.

  • Existing members are not eligible to qualify as new members or claim as being recruited by another member.

Recruitment Tips

Here are some helpful tips to keep in mind when recruiting new members to join AOMA:

Review your network of colleagues and check the status of their membership.

Know the benefits of AOMA membership, including:

  • Discounted fees on CME
  • DO Career Center
  • Valuable services and savings from AOMA Business Partners
  • Networking with your colleagues
  •  And much more

Express how membership has benefited you. Why did you join and what have you found most beneficial? Hearing your personal opinion will influence prospects’ decision to join.

Follow up. Touch base in a few weeks after initial contact to inquire if they have joined or have any questions. If they haven’t, gently remind them to do so. If they have, welcome them to the Arizona osteopathic family.

Questions? Contact the AOMA Office at 602-266-6699 or email