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Why Should I Care About Advocacy?

Policymakers play a critical role in determining the delivery, cost, and quality of healthcare provided by osteopathic physicians. In a typical legislative session in Arizona, legislators will consider legislation that can impact you in many ways:

  • Availability of insurance and the cost of healthcare
  • Scope of practice for non-physician healthcare providers
  • Mandates on healthcare providers
  • Payments to healthcare providers for government programs such as Medicaid
  • Accessibility and affordability of healthcare education and post graduate training opportunities
  • Liability of healthcare providers – rights of patients
  • Patient safety and quality of care
  • Technological advances such as electronic medical records

Advocacy is a vital component to advancing and protecting the best interests of osteopathic physicians and patients. By staying informed and getting involved, everyone can make a difference.

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These reports provide important information to AOMA members about the Arizona legislative session, AOMA advocacy efforts, and how the newly enacted laws will impact the healthcare system.

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